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orders and open section - Corjl

New Look! Introducing a new look to the Orders and Open section

New Look in the Open and Orders Section

A new way to view and manage orders, customer activity, item sales history and more.



In Open, the thumbnails are now bigger and display 10 designs at a time. You can open up to 4 designs at a time, using CTRL/COMMAND + Click.

If you select the List view, you’ll see the following:

  • Corjl listings that the designs are connected to
  • Design tags
  • Design dimensions
  • Design IDs
  • Date design was last modified





The Orders section also has a new look! You still have the same options, like the ability to resend emails, login as a buyer and update the order status, but now the customer log info is visible when opening up the customer’s order.

In order to align with the new updates, creating manual orders and adding items to an existing order has changed slightly:

  • Instead of adding a design to an existing order or when creating a new order, you will now need to add a Corjl listing to an order.
  • You will then be able to choose which designs in the listing to add/include in the order
  • You will be able to add/include the correct variation of the design.



You’ll also notice that these sections now open up in tabs, instead of a popup window, which means more screen space can be utilized.