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April Feature Updates - Corjl

Corjl Feature Update! Enhanced Eye Dropper Tool, Multiple Object Selection, Clipping Mask Text & More


Introducing more features

Most of these are enhancements to existing tools. But this is still exciting right? Hopefully this makes your life
a little easier. Happy Corjl’ing!


Okay, you’ve been asking for these features and here they are! But rather than tell you, it’s easier just to show you. Be sure to try these out and let us know what you think about them.


MULTIPLE OBJECTS – Click and drag to select all

FROZEN OBJECTS – Can be Edited but cannot be deleted


CLIPPING MASK – Images now clip to text

FROZEN OBJECTS – Can be Edited but cannot be deleted

Want More Features?

The best ideas are YOUR ideas. If you feel there’s something else that would make your life easier, just send us an email or contact us through the Corjl App to let us know what our amazing developer ninjas can whip out for you. Our team is super cool and we always try to find a way to say ‘yes.’ Just contact support@corjl.com