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FAQS - Corjl


Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our FAQs to get quick answers to the most common questions. For detailed information, see our Seller Support Center, or contact support@corjl.com to get help from our friendly and knowledgeable support team.

Can I connect multiple shops to one account?

Multi-shop integration is a feature that will be available sometime this year (2020). Currently, we don’t support multi-shop integration from the same site. So you can have one Etsy shop, one Shopify shop, and one WooCommerce shop connected to your Corjl account, but cannot have 2+ Etsy shops or 2+ Shopify shops (etc.) connected to the same Corjl account. We do offer a multi-shop discount. Contact Corjl support for more info: support@corjl.com.

How do I connect Etsy, Shopify, or WooCommerce to my Corjl account?

First, log in to your Etsy, Shopify, or WooCommerce account. In Corjl, go to your profile (upper RH corner) and select Settings. Under the Account Settings tab, you’ll see the option to change your shop. Choose a shop, then follow the prompts to connect.

I connected my Corjl account to a different Etsy/Shopify/WooCommerce shop. Will customers who ordered from my previous shop still have access to their orders?

Changing shops does not affect anything on your customer’s end. They will have access to their items, regardless of which shop your Corjl account is connected to.

How do I change my subscription to a different plan?

To change your Corjl subscription plan, go to your profile (upper RH corner) and select Settings, then open the tab that says Billing Settings and click on the drop-down menu under Subscription Plan to select the new plan.

Does Corjl work the same with Etsy Pattern websites?

Yes, Etsy Pattern websites pull directly from your Etsy shop inventory through a feed and retain the same Etsy Order ID numbers and functionality as if the purchase is made directly on Etsy.com

Does Corjl work with the lite version of Shopify?

Yes, Corjl works with the lite version of Shopify.

Can I use Corjl if I don’t have an Etsy shop or Shopify store?

Yes, the platform can be used, even if you don’t have an Etsy or Shopify account connected to it. You can manually create orders by either using a direct link, or by creating manual orders. We do not offer different subscription plans for customers who use the platform this way.

Should I list Corjl as a Production Partner in Etsy?

No, Corjl does not count as a production partner.  A production partner (or manufacturer) is anyone (who’s not a part of your Etsy shop) who helps you physically produce your items. Examples of production services include, but are not limited to, printing, 3D-printing, casting, plating, engraving, cutting and sewing, and finishing.

Why do my customers need to create a separate Corjl login?

To comply with the recent GDPR mandates, customers must accept the terms of use on the Corjl website and in doing so, we need them to create a separate login to have a record of them accepting the terms. An advantage of this is their ability to see all of their orders they have created using Corjl in one dashboard.

If there are several separate listings and/or designs included in one order, will I be charged for each individual listing and/or design?

Yes, you will be charged for each item sold. For example, if your listing contains 3 individual designs, you’ll be charged 3 separate fees, as part of the transaction.

Can I pause my account?

Corjl accounts cannot be paused or put on hold. You can cancel your account at any time and then reopen it at a later date. Any designs in your account will be available once your account is reactivated.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel/change your Corjl subscription, open up your profile (upper right hand corner) and select Billing Settings. Scroll down to Subscription Plan, then change/cancel your subscription in the drop-down menu.

If I cancel my account, then decide to reinstate it at a later date, will any designs previously created in Corjl be available when my account is reactivated?

If you cancel your subscription, then activate it later, you’ll have access to any designs you created when your account was active. If you had requested that your account be deleted, you will need to setup a new Corjl account and create the designs again.

Will my customers still be able to access their orders if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your Corjl subscription, your customers will still be able to access orders as their accounts are independent of any Corjl shop. You will be able to login to assist customers with their orders, until your Corjl subscription ends.

How do I cancel a customer’s order in Corjl and receive a refund?

Open up the customer’s order info in the Orders tab. In the drop down box that says, Mark All Items as Incomplete, select Cancel Order from the drop-down menu, then click Change Order Status (blue button on the RH side). Your customer will no longer be able to access their item. You will automatically be refunded for an order whose status is marked Incomplete or Not Opened before canceling. If you need a refund for any other reason, please contact support.

How do I change my Corjl account information (password, billing info, username or email)?

Go to your profile (upper RH corner), then you’ll be able to change your password and/or billing info under the Account Settings and Billing Settings tab. If you need to update your username or email, please contact support.

Design Management FAQs

How do I connect Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce to my Corjl account?

To connect your shop, login to Corjl, then go to your profile (upper RH corner) and select Account Settings. You’ll see the option to connect a shop under Change Shop Settings. Make a selection and follow the prompts to connect your shop to Corjl.

How Do I Create a Corjl Listing?

There are 2 ways to create a Corjl listing:

  • Open a design in Corjl OR create a new design. Under the Info tab, you’ll see a section that says Listings. Type in a new listing name that you want the design to connect to (often it’s the same name as the design), then click on the small Save icon next to the box.
  • Open the Listings tab and select Create New Listing (blue button next to the search bars). Enter the new listing name, then select Save. You can then add any designs you want to the listing, etc.

For more information, visit www.corjl.comhttps://staging.corjl.com/learn/features/listings

How do I connect a Corjl Listing to an Etsy, Shopify, or WooCommerce listing?

To connect a Corjl listing to a listing in your shop, you will first need the Etsy listing ID number, Shopify product ID number, or WooCommerce post ID number: To find the shop ID number, open up an Etsy, Shopify, or WooCommerce shop listing to edit, and you will see a number at the end of the URL. This is the ID number. Copy the ID number and paste it into the Etsy or Shopify ID section under the Listings tab, then save. For more information, visit www.corjl.com/en/learn/features/listings/

Where do I get the Corjl logo to use in my shop?

Please visit www.corjl.com/thank-you to download the seller resource packet, which has the logo they can use in their shop listings.

Can I display my own logo in Corjl?

Yes! We can add your logo in the blue bar on the top LH side of the page. To add your logo, please email support (support@corjl.com) and provide a transparent PNG of the file. The PNG will need to be less than 2 MB, and a white/bright/solid color works best.

Can I add multiple Etsy, Shopify, and/or WooCommerce listing ID’s to one listing in Corjl?

Yes, there’s no limit to how many shop ID’s can be connected to a Corjl listing.

Can I create a design with multiple pages using different artboard sizes on each page?

No, whatever dimensions are set for an artboard will be maintained throughout all of the pages in that design.

Is there an easy way to create multiple sizes of the same design?

Yes. Start by creating the smallest version of the design, then save. Next, Save As and assign a name to the new design. Highlight all of the layers on the artboard by selecting them in the layers panel (make sure they’re all unlocked), then resize the design as needed.

Does Corjl work with Etsy, Shopify, and/or WooCommerce variations?

Yes, Corjl works with Etsy, Shopify, and/or WooCommerce variations. The variation info is pulled directly from Etsy and/or Shopify into your Corjl account. To set up variations, you will first need to create the individual designs for each variation and assign them to a Corjl listing. You can then edit your variations by opening up the listing in Corjl and going down to the Design section. Select Edit Variations (bottom LH side of the page), then assign the designs to the correct variations and click Save (upper RH side). To learn more about using variations, please visit www.corjl.com/en/learn/features/variations/

Can I add my own instructions or does Corjl provide instructions for customers?

Corjl does provide sample customer instructions for your reference (see Corjl Instructions doc), but you will need to create your own instructions.

Create instructions as a design in Corjl. If you want customers to be able to download and print the instructions, make sure you select the format they can download with under the Info tab, otherwise leave blank. At the end of the page URL, you will see an ID number. Copy this number, then go to your Settings (upper RH corner, under seller profile), and click on the Listing and Design Settings tab. Paste the instructions ID into the sections for demo/order instructions. Add as many instruction IDs as needed. The instructions will automatically be added to any new Corjl listing that is created in your account, but won’t automatically be added to existing Corjl listings/orders. Your customers will be able to view/download the instructions when they access an order.

I need to add an instruction ID to all of my listings. Is there a way to add it at once, instead of having to open each design individually?

If you need an instructions ID added/deleted from all of your existing Corjl listings, please contact support: (support@corjl.com).

Can I set expiration dates for my listings?

Yes, you can set expiration dates for individual listings in your account. Additionally, you can choose to add a default expiration date in your Listing and Design Settings (upper RH corner, under Settings). The expiration date will be applied to any new listings created, but will not change the existing listings’ expiration dates.

How do I delete a design?

To delete a design, go to the Open tab, search for the design in the dashboard, right click on the thumbnail (use CTRL to select multiple designs) and you’ll see the option to delete.

How many pages can I have in a design?

We recommend that designs have no more than 20 pages, although this can vary widely, depending on the artboard size and the amount/file size of images and text on each page.

How do I create a design that includes a backside?

One way to provide a backside for customers is to add an additional page to a design by clicking the Add Page icon, located above the artboard, then adding your backside design to that page. When a customer downloads, they can choose to download the backside. Another way is to include both the front and back on the same page (use more than one artboard, if desired). Customers will need to print the file out, then turn the paper over to print again, so that each design has a front and back.

How do I create a snapchat filter in Corjl?

Create a new design for your snapchat filter, then add a Page Setting Name (bottom) so you can easily use the preset settings for future use.

To create a buffer/border for users, you’ll first need to create it in your design software, then upload it onto Corjl as a transparent PNG. Add the border to the snapchat filter, then hide it in the download (right click on the image and select Download Options>Hide in Download). This way, customers will see the border/instructions, but they will not show when downloaded. Remember to lock the buffer/border layer so that users can select the text/images behind it.

Many designs will need to be compressed in order to stay under the max file size requirement snapchat filters. We do offer a download option (Tiny PNG) that compresses a design when downloaded. Please contact support (support@corjl.com) if you need this feature enabled for your account.

Mobile Editing FAQs

Can customer's items be accessed and personalized with a handheld device?

Yes, many edits can be made using mobile devices. Customers can change text, move objects around, replace images and download using a phone or handheld device. If customers need to change text size, color or style, they will need to use a desktop or laptop computer.

Can mobile users add and/or replace photos on their designs?

Customers can replace images, but they cannot add new images if using a mobile device. When a customer double taps on any photo provided by you on the design, they can choose a photo from their device to replace the one already in the design.

As a seller, can I manage customer orders on my mobile device?

Yes, you can manage your orders on a mobile device, including the ability to create new orders, resend order links, add/delete items from an order, log in as buyer, view customer log info and see/change order status.

Order Management FAQs

How do customers access their items to personalize after purchasing?

There are 2 ways customers can access their purchased items:

  • After purchasing an item in your shop, Corjl will immediately send out an email message to the customer. The message will contain a link, which they can use to log in and access their purchased items.
  • Customers can go directly to Corjl.com and enter their order info to access their purchased items.
Can I customize the Corjl email that is sent out to my customers?

No, not at this time.

How do you create an order manually?

To create an order outside of Etsy, Shopify, or WooCommerce and send an email link to a customer, open up the Orders tab and select Create New Order (upper RH side). Enter the customer email, check Send Email (you can send the email later, if preferred), then add the listing, and click Save. An email will be sent immediately to the customer with a link for them to log in and access their item in Corjl.

What is a direct order link and how does it work?

The Direct Link option allows customers to create an order via a URL link provided by you. The link is convenient if you want multiple customers to access a purchased item outside of Etsy, Shopify, or WooCommerce. It allows anyone who has it to create an account and access the file. A Corjl order transaction fee applies each time a new (unique) customer uses the link to either create an account or log in to access a new item.

Can I access a customer’s account to assist, or make changes to their purchased items?

Yes. In the Orders tab, open your customer’s order info and select Login as Buyer. You’ll see the order as the customer sees it and can make any needed changes. To change the artboard size, add fonts, or make any changes that aren’t enabled in the Customer View, click on the Designer View tab (upper LH side). Please note that your customers will not have access to/see the Designer View tab when logged into their order.

I forgot to connect a listing ID from my Etsy/Shopify shop to the corresponding Corjl listing, and a customer ordered the listing. How can my customer access their purchased item to personalize?

If you sold a listing in your shop that is not connected to a Corjl listing, you will need to create the order manually. To create a manual order, open up the Orders tab, then select Create New Order. Enter the customer’s email, check the box that says Send Email, add the purchased listing, then save. The manual order will show up in your orders. To find out more about creating manual orders, visit this link here: https://staging.corjl.com/learn/features/external-orders/

If I change the original design after a customer has purchased it and the customer reverts to the original, will it show the changes made to the original design?

Yes, if you update any existing designs and the customer selects Revert to Original, the design will revert to the updated design (as opposed to the version that was initially purchased). If you delete the original design and the customer selects Revert to Original, it will revert to the version of the design that was last saved.

If I make changes to an existing design, will those changes show in a previous order with that design?

Changes to an existing design will not show up in an previously created order for that design unless the customer clicks on the Revert to Original button for that design.

If I delete a design in my Corjl account that a customer has purchased, will they still have access to the design?

Deleting a design in your Corjl account will not affect your customers. They will still have access to the design they purchased.

Can I add additional time to an item that has expired?

Yes. If an item has expired, you will see a triangle icon under Item Expires, when a customer’s order info is opened in the Orders tab. Click on this icon to change the date and allow your customer to access their item again.

My customer approved their proof, then realized an error and needs to correct it. How can I enable them to make changes to their purchased item?

Find your customer’s order info in the Orders tab, then choose Mark All Items as Incomplete from the drop-down box (under Order Options) and click Change Order Status. This will keep all of your customer’s edits, but will allow them to make any changes they might need.

Troubleshooting FAQs

My customer is having problems editing their order. How can I help them?

If your customer is experiencing trouble when editing their order, it usually is due to one of the following:

1. Your customer is using the wrong browser.
The most common reason customers have difficulty editing their order is because of the type of browser they are using. Although some features are supported in Internet Explorer and MS Edge, many features are not, and so customers will usually experience problems when using these browsers. We advise customers to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari. You can check the customer log under the Orders tab to see which browser/device your customer is using.

2. Your customer is trying to make unsupported changes on a mobile device.
If customers are using a mobile device and are unable to make changes they need (add new images, change text color, add extra text boxes, etc), advise them to use a desktop or laptop computer. You can see which type of device your customer is using by viewing the customer log under the Orders tab.

3. Your design is not set up right and is not easy to use.
Make sure your design allows customers to easily select items and add text. Be sure that smaller text boxes aren’t layered behind larger text boxes, which will prevent customers from being able to selecting the text. Make sure that there is enough room in a text box for customers to easily add their text. Also, try to avoid having a lot of individual layers or large images, which can make it slow and hard for customers to use. Instead, flatten multiple images together before uploading onto Corjl, and combine multiple lines of text into one text box, if possible.

5. The order didn’t load properly, or there was a glitch with the server.
If a customer’s order is not loading, comes up blank or there is another problem, try to login as a buyer and duplicate the problem. If you cannot duplicate the issue, ask your customer to refresh their page or logout then log back in to try again. If your customer is still having problems, contact support (support@corjl.com).

4. There is a bug or problem with a font style.
If you believe there is a problem that is due to a bug in the platform or problem with a font, first try using another browser (we recommend Chrome). If you’re still having problems, please contact support (support@corjl.com).

When I download a design as a PDF that uses a clipping mask, there are weird lines or the image is showing outside of the text/shape. How can I fix this?

Some PDF viewers don’t support a clipping mask. For this reason, we recommend selecting Flatten PDF when using a clipping mask (see Saving & Printing Options under the Info tab). This will flatten the elements in the design when downloaded as a PDF, thus eliminating the problems associated with PDF viewers and clipping masks.

The colors of my uploaded images look different than what's showing in my design program. How can I fix this?

For the most accurate colors, we advise users to save images using RGB color mode before uploading onto Corjl. Any other color mode may not provide users with an accurate color gambut/representation in the platform.

When I download my design, the font looks different.

First, check to make sure the font style is showing in your Design Fonts and in the font style box in the tools panel. If the font is moving when downloaded or there are any other problems, please contact support (support@corjl.com).

Tool FAQs

How do I show or hide the ruler around the artboard?

To show or hide the ruler, right click on the artboard, then select View>Show Rulers.

Can I change the number of artboards in an existing design?

No, there isn’t a way to add/change the number of artboards in a design, but you can create a new design with the desired number of artboards, then copy the elements from the first design over to the new one.

Are there any limitations to how large an artboard can be?

Yes, there is a maximum of 10,800×10,800 pixels per artboard (36×36 at 300ppi). If you have multiple artboards per page, the max size is 10,800 for the CANVAS, not per artboard. So for example, if the canvas is 4 artboards wide, the max for each artboard is 2700px.

What file formats can I upload onto Corjl?

Corjl currently supports JPG, PNG, SVG and GIF formats for images and TTF, OTF or WOFF for fonts.

Can I draw lines, circles or other elements in Corjl?

Yes. Under the Images section, a basic line tool and several shapes are available in the Shapes tab (shapes icon).

How do I create a color palette? Will customers have access to the color palette?

Select the color rectangle in the tools panel, then choose a color from the pop up window or select a color from the artboard. Click on the text that says Add Color and a color swatch will be added to the palette (add up to 12 colors).
Your customers will have access to the color palette.

How can I group and ungroup layers in a design?

Group – To group layers, select SHIFT (bulk) or CTRL (individual) and select the layers you want. Next, right click on one of the selected layers and select Group Layers. The layers will be grouped into a folder. You can then rename the folder in the layers panel, by double clicking on Group.

Ungroup – *Before ungrouping layers, make sure the folder is not locked. To ungroup a folder, select it first, then right click on the folder icon and choose Ungroup Layers.

Can I use clipping masks in my designs?

Yes, you can mask images with text or with the shapes provided in the shapes section (shapes tab, under Images).

Text- In the tools panel, drag the image layer right above the text layer, then right click on the image layer and select Create Clipping Mask. Be sure to lock the image so that the customer can select the text to edit. To release the clipping mask, right click on the masked image layer in the tools panel and select Release Clipping Mask. If you see a visible line around the text, change the opacity of the text to 0.

Shapes – The masking feature is only compatible with the shapes provided in the Shapes section (see tab with the shapes icon, under Images). In the tools panel, drag the image layer right above the shape layer, then right click on the image layer and select Create Clipping Mask. Make sure that BOTH the shape and clipped image remain unlocked in the layers panel, so that customers can select, replace and resize the image. To release the clipping mask, right click on the masked image layer in the tools panel and select Release Clipping Mask.

When downloading designs as a PDF that use a clipping mask, select Flatten PDF (under Saving and Printing Options in the Info tab). Some PDF viewers don’t support clipping masks, so flattening the layers before downloading as a PDF eliminates problems that you/your customers may have when viewing their download.

What's the difference between Freeze and Lock?

Lock a layer by clicking on the Lock icon, located in the layers panel. If an object is locked, it cannot be selected, changed or personalized by you or your customer. An item that is locked will still show as a layer in the layers panel, so users can arrange images in front of or behind the locked layer. 

Freeze an object by right clicking on it and selecting Freeze. If an element is frozen, it can be selected, edited (text, color, etc). Frozen elements cannot be deleted and images cannot be resized. 

Customers do not have the ability to lock/unlock or freeze/unfreeze objects.

Can customers upload and add images to their designs?

Yes, customers can upload and add their own photos or replace existing images on the artboard. If a customer is using a mobile device to edit their item, they will only have the option to replace existing images.

Can I crop images in Corjl?

No, Corjl does not have a cropping tool at this time.

How does the Auto-Sync feature work?

The auto-sync feature enables users to automatically add a font style, background image or customer image to multiple designs at once. To auto-sync, open a design, then add a tag under the Design Fonts, Backgrounds and/or the Customer Images tab where it says Auto-Sync with Tagged Fonts/Images. Repeat with any other designs. Once your designs are assigned an auto-sync tag, you can then tag any uploaded image or font, using the same tag, and it will automatically be added to the designs with the matching tag

Font FAQs

Can I upload my own fonts?

Yes, you can upload fonts, but please be sure that you have the proper licensing for them. Many fonts require special licensing (a server/product creation license, which is different than a commercial license) in order to be used on design platforms like ours, where customers can use a font they have not purchased.

How do I add fonts to my design?

To add fonts to your design, you’ll need to first create a ‘master’ font list. You can do this by uploading your own fonts or adding fonts from the provided font gallery. These fonts will be added under the My Fonts tab. From this list, click on the fonts you want to add to the design, then go to the Design Fonts tab, and you’ll see them listed there. To add the fonts to the artboard, double click or drag them over to the artboard.

Can I rename a font so that it’s not visible to my customers?

For legal reasons, we do not allow sellers to change or hide the display name of fonts in the Customer View. Sellers can change the display name of fonts for organizational purposes while working in the platform. To change the display name, right click on any font listed under the Fonts tab and select Edit Properties.

Is there a character map that I can use to access additional glyphs?

Yes, to access all of the glyphs in a font, select a text box, then click on the character map icon located next to the font style drop-down box in the tools panel. Select a glyph, then click Copy and paste the glyph into the text box, using CTRL/COMMAND + V.

Some font glyphs are not showing in the character map. Why are they not available?

Each font character is assigned a unicode, and that’s how a character/font is read online. If you’re not seeing all of the glyphs, you’ll need to contact the font creator and ask them to assign a unicode to the additional glyphs in the font so that it can be used online.

Downloading FAQs

What download format options are included in the platform?

Download format options are PDF, JPG, PNG, and Tiny PNG.

Do PNGs download with transparent backgrounds?

Yes, by default PNGs download with a transparent background. If you want a white or other background color, go to Backgrounds (under the Images tab), uncheck Transparent Background and select the color you want.

Can I download my files using CMYK color mode?

As browsers do not support a CMYK color profile, all designs download using RGB color mode. We do not currently support CMYK conversion.

What does 'Flatten PDF' do?

If Flatten PDF is selected, then all layers will be flattened into an image when downloaded as a PDF.

Can you combine multiple pages onto one page when downloading?

Yes. This option can be selected during the download process. To tile multiple/different design pages onto one PDF page, select the “Tile Different Designs” option when downloading.

I cannot find the file I downloaded to my phone. Where does it download to and how can I access it?
The download location is different for every phone. For example, when downloading on some phones, the user immediately gets an option asking where they want to open the file. On Android phones, there’s a Downloads folder. There’s an app called « Files » that lets users browse their downloads as well. Our team at Corjl recommends that users send the downloaded file to their email address if they have difficulty finding it on their phones.

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